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Aug 2, 2015, 20:43

Data visualization resources

In this post, I highlight web resources about data visualization and what you can find there. It is a list of websites dedicated to infodesign. Tools and technical sites is going to be listed next time.

Best and frequently updated sites

The site provides a lot of articles, that can inspire you and bring some ideas what you can visualize. The site is frequently updated and well written. You can find site author’s projects and a dozen of  tutorials for dataviz with R and d3.js.

This website is a hub for dataviz news. The posts usually are links to another resources and examples. I am keen on the best month visualizations kind of posts. You can find a lot of cool stuff there, like this one.

This is David McCandless’s site — he is a designer and journalist based in London. The site has interesting design that the author uses in his work as well. You shall see David’s на speech on TED, it’s really nice. However, due to the specific design it is sometimes hard to navigate through the site and his blog.

This is a must have catalogue of different types of charts and diagrams. It is described how to create and use them in different situations. This personal site of the author.

Stephanie Evergreen personal website

The site is a personal page of info designer Stephanie Evergreen, who wrote Ph.D thesis on the topic and a book. I have not read it yet, but saw that it is recommended by several people. She also has a blog with a lot of useful posts

Robert Kosara's blog

Really cool blog.

Good blog about infographics and author’s observations.

A gallery from

This page is a gallery with comprehensive amount (about 1660) of examples.

Worldbank visualization hub

The blog is a good collection of examples. The interesting fact that all of them is done using worldbank data.

Collection of bad examples

The blog is a collection of junkcharts — bad examples of infodesign. Could be useful and fun!

Web-resources with little information or updated long time ago

Really nice web-site with an amount of cool articles. Alas, the last one come about a year ago.

The site is designed and maintained by Andrew Vande Moere, an Associate Professor at KU Leuven university, Belgium. Mostly the posts are examples. Last update a year ago.

Despite the name of the site it is a good collection of different examples. Last update on February, 2015.

The site is a gallery of examples (906 pieces). Last update more than year ago.

A personal site of Roxana Torre

This is a one-page personal site of a designer from Netherlands. There some examples of here projects.

Blog about cartograms

It is Andy Woodruff’s blog. He is a one of people who created cool online tool colorbrewer — it helps to choose right colors for visualizations. The blog is dedicated to cartography and maps.

In summary

On the one hand there are quite an amount of dataviz resources, on the other it would be nice to have more. ))) If you know some other useful resources share it in comments.
The convinient way to follow some of listed resources is to check this tags on

Aug 2, 2015, 19:33

Hello, world!

I created the blog with a quite selfish purpose — to master data visualization. In order not to lose all the valuable information that I find during this process I decided to save it in the blog. I will share useful links to resources, reviews of books and courses, as well as my projects and observations. I hope it will be helpful for those who is going to learn about dataviz.

I’m not going to write much author's text, but to place many links to useful resources.

Disclaimer # 1. Please do not be hard on me, I'm just learning. I would be happy to see comments, suggestions and constructive criticism.

Disclaimer # 2. I am not a native English speaker, so an amount of mistakes is going to appear.